Liminal Break (2023)

Liminal Break is an interactive transitional end card intended to promote a feeling of relaxation, like "a break from the ads" would bring about. It acts as an interim to nothing, micking transitions that would be present between TV shows or other online content. The three environments are familiar, but the interactable portions are somewhat silly, appearing childlike. The music was made to fit all three environments, a malleable track. It is supposed to add to the environment as a background piece, rather than being the star. All these points combine to create a cohesive, relaxing experience that viewers can easily interact with. Collaborative project with Fabian Cardona and Andrea Lenihan.

Real Versus Ideal (2023) (To Be Refined)
Real Versus Ideal deliberates on the reality of physical limitations with what the ideal physicality many with an impairment want to have is. From vision needing the aid of glasses to the ringing of tinnitus in hearing, these impairments become the norm of life. However, there is always a preference to not have these, naturally, and it's comforting to fantasize about a future where these impairments need not be such a limitation again.

Ah Hoi (2023)

Immersive projection mapping experience with original sound design.

College (2022)
Short video project to demonstrate various filmmaking techniques. Filmed and edited by myself with actors from my class.

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