Utilizing a combination of audiovisual elements, Pines offers an immersive and interactive experience that invites users to explore the shifting landscapes of the natural space of pine woods in Central Florida, and their imagination that comes with it. As a multimedia project, it empowers participants to craft a tailored journey, exploring the various audio and visual phenomena of nature, on demand. This is achieved through the integration of an Elgato Stream Deck, which allows users to intuitively manipulate components within the exhibition. Auditorily, users can command the sounds of chirping birds that come with the rising sun, while also delivering nighttime sounds like owl hoots or coyote howls. Visually, users experience a first-person walk through the woods, seeing the lively nature of the flora and a timelapse from daytime into the night. Pines builds on the shifting associations and heightened fears that come with a nighttime walk in the woods. Many sounds are unseen, creating an eeriness to their nighttime walk into the woods.
This project was a collaboration with videography and soundscapes by Lane Davis, and music development and sound effect mixing by Cristal Sherman.

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