Sunshine Spiral (2023)

Sunshine Spiral is an interactive, animated piece highlighting each location's unique soundscape and visual atmosphere. Artist’s Phuong Nguyen (Programmer), Cristal Sherman (Animation), and Lane Davis (Sound Design) developed a spinning postcard board along with an extended display for the visual. With each turn of the wheel to a new card, the location is displayed on a loop until the next one is chosen. The cards serve as an amalgamation of locations for the Florida traveler. A new traveler starts with an empty wheel, traveling to each distinct area to gather the experience of the areas, and, of course, the token trinket of a postcard. They exist as a memory for where they were, remembering their experience and having a souvenir of their time in the Sunshine State.

Transient Memory (2023)
Original artwork by Hayden Collins. In response to her work, I extended the sides of her image with Photoshop's Generative Image feature to create a window and curtains for this artwork. Utilizing music from The Caretaker, I designed an audio experience for this piece to invoke feelings of memory just out of reach of remembrance. The distortion of the image was done in Premiere Pro.
George The Hungry Synth (2022)
3D printed casing modeled in Autodesk Fusion 360. He has various sensors attached to an Arduino and breadboard inside while running on a Max MSP program for sound synthesis.

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